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Schneiderwirt Trio in TV

04.03.2013 19:48 | 0 Comments

The Austrian music group Schneiderwirt Trio is at Thursday March 07, 2013 at 05:30 pm at the austrian television network ORF2 by HEUTE LEBEN with his homestory including interview.

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Säntisfeger by the Silvesterstadl 2012

11.12.2012 09:30 | 0 Comments


sind dabei beim

am 31. Dezember 2012

(20:15 Uhr ARD / ORF / SRF)

in der Burgenlandhalle in Oberwart in Österreich.

Alle Produktionen der Säntisfeger finden Sie hier.


Carina Walker is also by the Silvesterstadl

27.11.2011 18:15 | 0 Comments

The new jung swiss artist Carina Walker is on Dezember 31, 2011 also by the Silvesterstadl from the TV-Show Musikantenstadl with Andy Borg in Graz in Styria (Austria).

By TYROLIS MUSIC is the following disc available.

Blue-ray available at January 2012

26.11.2011 13:48 | 0 Comments

At the end of January 2012 are also Blu-ray Discs available at IVEDIA.com.

Die jungen Rodltaler win the contest

26.11.2011 13:18 | 0 Comments
As Winner of the young artist contest Stadlstern by the TV-Show Musikantenstadl on November 19, 2011 (20:15 Uhr in ORF2, ARD and SRF) has the jung new music group Die Jungen Rodltaler from more ...